Why Endo Marching is good for you

September 14, 2014

One of the hardest things to do when you are in pain and not feeling well is to muster the energy to go out and do things.  Even with the best of intentions sometimes it's not always easy to get out in the world and participate.  So why then are we relying solely on volunteers to help with the Endo March I hear you say?  Well, it's simple really, and this is why...

Volunteering in any way, big or small is good for the soul. And it does so much for your self esteem and mental wellbeing knowing you are doing something to fight back against a disease that has robbed you of social outings and events for years.  Will you be pain free on the day of the event? Well not likely, but you know what, you won't mind because in some small way you will be saying to your disease, back off, go away and you will not beat me!!

You can also ask you friends and family to support you by coming to events.  Not only are they supporting you but they can talk to other people with the disease or their family and friends and hopefully understand your journey just that little bit more.

So muster some strength, and you will feel great for getting involved and meet some other wonderful people involved in this campaign.


#endometriosis #endoaust #endomarchaust


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