An excruciatingly painful nuisance

March 9, 2016

After years of painful and heavy periods Sheena, 34 just thought she was one of the "unlucky girls in life".


My first realization that something was severely wrong was when I woke in the middle of the night with pain that bad I thought someone was stabbing me. My husband then found be curled in a ball on the bathroom floor unable to move, he called an ambulance having never seen me like that before. The ambulance came asked me what my level of pain was and then told me they couldn't do anything, or give me anything, but could take me to the hospital.


I was assessed when I arrived at the hospital only to be moved to the waiting room and left to sit for hours on end, finally when a doctor saw me, they ruled out an appendicitis, took a blood test to make sure i wasn’t pregnant and having an ectopic pregnancy. The blood test came back negative so the doctor gave me some Panadol, sent me home and said ‘it's just bad period pain’.

The next month came around, this time my boss found me on the office floor. Finally I found a doctor who sent me for an ultrasound where they found a chocolate cyst. I was booked in for keyhole surgery for 3 months later. When i woke up from surgery, i didn't have 3 keyholes, I had one at my belly button and a incision as though id just had a caesarean section. I had that much build up that it couldn't be removed with keyhole.


My Aunty who was a nurse told me before my surgery that having kids would help prevent any further Endo even though this isn’t the case. After doing some research I'd found that Endo can in fact prevent you from having kids. Being a mother was something that I had always dreamed of so although my husband and I hadn't wanted babies for a few more years we figured it was either now or never. Three months after my initial surgery I was lucky enough to fall pregnant with our first child. He was delivered healthy though by an emergency c-section.


Less than a year later my pain was back. I put up with it for as long as I could until I went back to Dr, this time I was told nothing could be done. So over the months the pain began to worse. Somehow I managed to fall pregnant with my second child, But when she was born we discovered she was missing 4 fingers on her left hand, one Dr told me it was most likely caused by loose tissue that had wrapped around her hand and acted like an elastic band which stopped her fingers from growing. Another Dr didn’t agree. I can't help but believe it had something to do with it. From there I had another surgery to remove pre-cancerous cells, another cyst and more endometriosis.


Unfortunately surgery is only a short term option and I still have severe pain in my hips and lower back, bloating, sweats and painful intercourse. Currently I have the Mirena inserted, and to begin with the pain was minimal, although now it seems to be a constant.

My advice to others is make yourself aware of what Endo is so that you can see the signs and symptoms just in case you are one of the "unlucky girls". There is more information available now than there was 10 years ago and the Endometriosis Australia Website is by large the best.

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