I was on the pill for years, therefore I was not aware.

March 10, 2016

In the end of 2014/beginning of 2016 my emotions started to become uncontrollable and my ability to get out of bed due to pain was slim. I had uncontrollable emotions - one minute extremely happy, next sobbing and I didn't know why, extreme bloating, vomiting, migraines, cramping, stabbing pains in the stomach and back.


I was seeing one doctor who kept telling me there was nothing wrong. I decided to get a second opinion and went to go and see who would turn out to be by my new doctor. She was the first doctor to sit down and listen to all of my symptoms/emotions/pains etc.


I was discovered I had a cyst that required immediate removal, therefore we decided to give laparoscopic surgery a go to see what was happening on the inside. The result, I had severe endometriosis as well as PCOS and life has been so much better since.


Now I have an explanation for why I was feeling the way I was feeling which has put my husband is more at ease also. My husband prior would not understand why I was on such an emotional rollercoaster and found it hard to assist me. Since the diagnosis, we have been able to obtain more information for management as well as supporting one another through this and gather a better understanding of what the other is going through.


The one thing I would say to my doctor now is thank you for sitting down and taking the time to listen to me finally. Having not had that support initially made it very hard. TO people without Endometriosis I would say take the time to have a conversation with someone who does. Endometriosis is an invisible illness but is very painful and difficult at times all the same.


My experience with Endometriosis in 3 words, Painful, Challenging, Triumphant.

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