I didn't know I had the disease until I tried to conceive for nearly 2 years

I didn't know I had the disease until I tried to conceive for nearly 2 years. After booking in an exploratory surgery my gynaecologist found I was covered with endometriosis. After an operation to remove it I was pregnant 2 weeks later.


Before I knew I had the disease I had a few hospital trips where I thought my appendix had ruptured. Turns out was the Endo. It also affected us for the year we had been tring to conceive not knowing why, my husband helped me through this time.


My symptoms included pain every month and not falling pregnant. I need to have at least 2 days off a month due to the pain.


There is not enough information out there. Young women need to learn about it so that they can work out if they have the disease. The only way I found out was because I tried to conceive if I had waited to have children I may never have been able to.  I describe my experience with this disease as painful, surprising and misunderstood.


All young girls should be educated, ask your GP. It doesn't hurt to discuss it as a young woman! If you are suffering get it checked!

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